Stunning content creation.


Quickly sends a message

A video conveys lots of information in a short amount of time. Viewers are watching 50% more video than they were this time last year.


New techniques

An online video allows for information to be presented in ways that were never possible before. See what you can do with video...


Heightened effect

Engaging online video is far more effective than any other media form, with message recall 45% higher than other types of content


Viewers can also listen

Research suggests that a person is more likely to remember something if more than one sense is stimulated. A video can effectively target two.


Increased spend

Viewers of online video are 64% more likely to buy a product compared to those who haven't watched a video.


Elevated brand presence

Not only does online video increase message recall, but also improves brand recall by 33% and likability by 40%.

About Sam Wrightprofile_square

In his first year of university in Melbourne, Australia, Sam has been creating digital content for over 5 years, ranging from simple website designs to multi-camera setups at live events with thousands of views. He has a passion for high pressure events, where a high quality production is desired while still being discreet.

Sam has filmed and edited over 300 videos using the latest camera and video editing technology, preferring to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. He has a range of equipment which can be used to take your next project from good to great.

Furthermore, Sam has skills in HTML, CSS, PHP and is currently studying further a Bachelor of Informatics and Computation Advanced (Honours) at Monash University; all of which can be used to help you create exceptional digital content.

Sam is reliable, persistent and has a strong work ethic. Feel free to drop us an email if you'd like to get in touch or if you have any further questions.


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