We offer a basic photography service, designed for populating your website with your own photos of your product. In this day and age, generic, stock photos don't cut it; bespoke websites increase engagement 10x.

Shooting with the latest Canon cameras, lenses and equipment, we can produce photos of your site, staff and any other speciality items you require.



Our bread and butter, good videography is essential to any good video. Professional, well-lit and well-angled shots are the difference between a good and a great video.

Using the latest Canon cameras, lenses and equipment, we offer a premier filming service; coming to your location to film the shots we believe will make the most engaging video for you. Combined with our video editing services, we can create a high-quality video for your company or brand.


Video Editing

Using the same software that blockbuster movies are edited in, we are passionate about stitching together impressive videos for your brand. Gone are the days where sloppy cross-fades, inconsistent audio levels and pixelated footage can suffice.

Using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, we take your footage and turn it into something that will engage your potential customers and draw them in to your product. Combined with our videography, we are able to produce a polished, first-rate video for your product or organisation.


Website Modifications

Another tool in our belt, we are able to additionally offer website modification services. We know how important it is to keep your website recent and up-to-date, and we will quickly respond to you to ensure this happens.

With a proficient knowledge in HTML and CSS, as well as experience in Javascript (and its popular framework jQuery) as well as the back-end PHP, we can help you with your website. Just ask us!